This was after our third broach with Josephine, a Luffe4004... After this we hoisted the gennaker that also blew out after a bad gybe. Not a good Pater-Noster Race.


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Summer 2010




After a cold winter the Summer is finally here


The cold winter took it's tribute in preventing any work on the boat. (And yes, I was lazy...) This all changed in the spring and I got going, but on another boat. I started with helping Gunnar Ödman to prepare his beautiful Luffe 4004 for the summer races.


Som information can be found in the crew website I created to help administer crew and races.


We did a few races in the spring and it started off really good with a second place on "Framnäsvalsen". For "Stora Oset" we didn't have full crew and cruised trough. Then it was the "Pater-Noster Race" with results as shown here to the left.


What about Milo then.


I have started on the list (Link to blog) and hope to be ready before the main event this year - Bohusracet.


But first I have to get Milo ready and celebrate Midsummer.